Delivery Information
Overnight Dispatch - No Re-Shipping -  Distributor Direct  To You - FAST!
Why are we Faster?
Distributor Direct To You
Most stores will wait until they have enough orders, then order from a distributor, ship to a warehouse or store, collate orders, repackage, and then resend. We avoid these delays and ship fresh product straight from the distributor to your door.
Trusted Logistics
We use the logistics systems of the largest distributors in the country. These distributors are skilled in shipping large quantities of fragile goods Australia wide to customers and stores including most of the major chains. Services are engaged by the distributors and provide multiple point tracking to easily identify any problems.
How Fast?
Once your payment clears, delivery is usually Next Business Day for large east coast metro areas.
Cut Off Times
Standard Overnight Dispatch - 2.00pm
Cleared Payment must be in our account by 2.00pm. Please refer to Payment Methods to determine same day and next business day payment types.   
Time Frames & Delivery Tracking
Normal Time Frames
Once your payment clears, delivery is generally
OVERNIGHT - for NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT Major Metro Areas
2-7 Days - for regional areas depending on how remote
3-8 days - for SA, WA, NT, TAS depending on how remote
For a more accurate estimate please use the startrack Transit Time Estimator as a guide (select Sydney & Express Service). Please refer to Payment Methods for payment clearance times. Delivery and dispatch are on business days only.
Delivery Tracking
Deliveries should be expected in the normal time frame and delivery tracking should only be requested if this does not occur. There are no estimated times of the day or live GPS style tracking available from any delivery service at this stage. Tracking is usually only provided for delayed delivery investigation and back orders (sent automatically via email where available).
Dispatch - (as shown when viewing a product)
(e.g. Dispatch 1-2 days.) This indicates the average time it takes the particular distributor to process and dispatch your order. Most will process and dispatch in 1 business day, but if we know it to be slower, it will be shown here. The time frame starts when payment is received by us and we send the order to the distributor. The estimates in this document assume a Dispatch of 1-2days.
Supply Chain
We understand the importance of prompt delivery and process your order as fast as possible, however a lot of the supply chain is out of our control. Delays can occur from factors out of our control such as when payment is received by us, working days, driver runs, warehouse workload, busy periods, stock availability, and cut off times. Delivery times should be regarded as estimates.
An Example
A typical east coast metro scenario might be that your order is placed on day zero and payment is made by bpay before 5pm, payment is cleared overnight and received by us on day 1, we send the order to the distributor and they process and dispatch on that day, you receive your goods overnight on day 2. ie. payment clears overnight in 1 day and the distributor processes the order in 1 day (ie. Dispatch 1 Day). (Note that by using a same day payment method before the cut off time, an additional 1 day can be saved in this example.)
Urgent Deliveries
Priority/Ultra Processing
If delivery of your goods is urgent, we have the option of selecting the fastest possible method of delivery and Priority Processing in shipping options. When you select this option, your order is assigned the highest priority and goes to the top of the list. A single case manager is assigned to process your order and payment, optimise processing though distributors, and to regularly follow up.
Fastest Payment Methods
Faster delivery can be ensured by using a same day payment method such as Paypal or Branch Deposit. See Payment Methods for more information.
Where We Ship
Australia Wide
We ship Australia Wide - wherever a regular delivery service can get to. If you are in a remote area and would like to double check, please place an order and send us an email to confirm, we'll get back to you before processing.
Not Outside of Australia
We do not ship overseas due to security of the goods and fraud concerns. You will need to arrange your own local freight forwarding service to ship overseas. Please see Google for providers.
Send To Any Address
Most stores need delivery to go to your credit card billing address, but using our unique payment methods you can send to any address.
Upfront & Tailored To Your Postcode
We display the cost of delivery to your postcode on every product page. We don't beleive it is good practice to hide these costs until checkout time. Cubic Weights and Post Codes are used to calculate the cost. Click on the postcode when viewing a product to set.
Multiple Item Savings
You can save on multiple items as shipping is charged by weight per order. Total cost can be seen by adding items to the cart. You will find us faster and cheaper than most.
Weight & Cubic Weight
Like most online stores, our product weights are in Cubic Kilograms. This is due to the way delivery services and also Australia Post cater for big boxes. Simply, the measurements of the box are multiplied by 250, which gives the cubic kilograms. If that amount is greater than the actual weight, then the delivery service will charge for the higher amount. Weights shown on the site are calculated using the same criteria.
The delivery services used are insured and are also traceable down to the person last in possession of the goods.   
Delivery Requirements
No PO Boxes - Signature Required
PO Boxes can not be used as the delivery services used are secure and a signature is required to ensure delivery and guard against fraud. If you live in a small country area and have an arrangement with your post office to receive goods for you, please address the shipping to - c/o Post Office (Prior Arrangement)and the Post Office address.
Address Must Be Attended
The shipping cost guarantees a single delivery attempt to your specified address. Some of our delivery services may leave a card or re-attempt delivery, but this depends on the run and the service being used and should not be relied upon. It is vitally important that you use an address that is attended during business hours as shipping costs are non refundable. Delivery times can not be specified due to driver run variations. If your home address is not suitable, we suggest a work address, a neighbour, relative, or a local shop as alternatives. Any redelivery or  restocking fees charged by the distributors to us will be passed on at cost.
Anyone Can Sign
Anyone at your specified address may sign for the delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure the address is secure and there is a responsible person there to sign for the goods.
Work and Large Organisations
If shipping to your work address remember to include the building name, floor and work telephone number. It is not a good idea to deliver to a foyer. You are responsible following delivery of the goods to the address specified. For large campus type deliveries such as Hospitals or Universities, the delivery services responsibility ends at the gate or delivery dock and delivery to specific floors or buildings cannot be guaranteed.
Phone Number
Include a phone number to assist drivers with delivery issues where they offer this service. Please note that delivery services will not call before delivery though.
No Pickups
Orders ship fast direct to you from distributor warehouses in various Australian locations. We do not offer a pickup service.
Secure Delivery Services
The high value and fragile nature of our goods requires a secure traceable service to ensure your goods arrive safely. This also guards against fraud. Deliveries are scanned at each stage from point of dispatch to your address. Deliveries are easily traced if missing and full details, a POD, or the driver can be identified in cases of dispute.
Multiple Deliveries
As we sell and ship direct from many different suppliers, you may receive more than one shipment per order.
Accepting Delivery
Test & Check ASAP
Check and test the goods following delivery, if they are damaged or faulty, please report it to us within 7 days (see Returns). If the wrong goods have been sent, please report as soon as possible. Do not open or use the goods, as this will be deemed acceptance of the goods.
Signing the POD - Check the Delivery
When delivery is accepted at your specified address, a signature is required and forms the Proof Of Delivery (POD). This formalises delivery of the consignment to you and it is the hand over point of a delivery from the care of the Carrier to the care of the Customer. Therefore, when a Customer signs a POD they are confirming that the consignment has been delivered in full and is in good condition (ie: no visible physical damage, and all items received as per the consignment note). Failure to inspect the goods prior to signing the POD will result in voiding of any insurance and recourse against loss or transit damage.
There are only three actions that can occur as a result of a delivery of a consignment, which are:
1. When a complete delivery arrives in appropriate satisfactory condition, a POD should be completed with a signature at the receiver address, date and the name of the signatory. This is what is termed a “Clean POD”.
2. Should a shipment arrive that does not match the delivery paperwork (e.g.:missing a carton), the POD must have noted on it the number of cartons short, then a signature, name and date as above.
3. If a shipment arrives with a damaged carton or item, the POD must have the damage noted on it, any carton identifier available, signature, name and date as above. You should ask the driver to return to Sender.

This is industry standard practice and is the only three accepted outcomes by us and our Carriers. The practice of signing with the initials “STC” (Subject to Check) or similar is deemed as a clean POD with no recourse for the Customer or us on any shipment discrepancy subsequently discovered.

The Carrier’s policy on large consignments is for the driver to wait for delivery to be checked, if instructed by the Customer, while all items are inspected and the POD is signed.
Failed Deliveries
The goods will usually be returned to the wharehouse and credit issued once received back less any shipping and restocking fees. A new order will need to be placed. If there is an option to redeliver, any  fees imposed by our distributors  will be passed on at cost.
Address Changes
Once the order status goes to PAID - Processing, the address is unable to be changed due to fraud reasons. If you need to change the delivery date, please contact us for delivery service contact details if no tracking is showing on your order.
Shipping Refunds
Shipping is non refundable unless we are at fault or the product arrives faulty or becomes faulty soon after. We consider the shipping cost akin to spending time and petrol visiting a local shop.
In rare instances, there may be some variation to the prices quoted on the web site depending on the delivery service and the destination. Bulky items may sometimes attract additional costs or require on site assistance to be available. Where we are aware of this we will add a bulky item charge to the item. If the cost to deliver to you varies significantly, we will contact you to approve a new shipping cost. Unfortunately our margins aren't high enough to absorb additional costs, and delivery charges are not an exact science. Most estimates are accurate though.
Disputes & Proof of Delivery
Once proof of delivery (POD) is available, we consider the goods as being delivered. Where a dispute arises over delivery, the delivery service company is able to assist with further information and should be the first point of contact. The tracking information allows a particular employee to be identified and the matter can be treated as a criminal fraud if required. We are also happy to assist in any way.
Damage & Missing
Damaged items are replaced or refunded if damaged by the delivery service. If the item becomes faulty in the DOA Period (usually the first 7 days) it will be replaced or refunded. If the item goes missing in transit, we can identify at what point it went missing, and a refund may be issued.
No Invoice Sent - Great For Gifts!
No invoice or prices are sent with any goods - great for gifts. A Tax Invoice may be printed from your account and is saved for up to 5 years for your convenience.


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