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  • About BetterIT

    Welcome To The Easy Way To Buy Technology
    BetterIT is an Online Buying Service providing Huge Permanent Discounts on over 25,000 Computer and Technology related products. Orders ship direct from the product manufacturer's distributor to you Australia wide. Save Time, Save Money, Make IT Easy!

    How we are Faster, Cheaper, Better!
    Orders pass to the distributor as soon as we receive and verify your payment.
     Most orders dispatch same business day if payment is received by 2pm.
     No delays from re-shipping, re-packing, or collating orders at another site or store.
     We do NOT send orders once a week like some of our competitors - always check their fine print.
     Secure tracebale delivery services ensure your goods are received and a signature acquired on delivery.
     Post is not used due to the nature of goods and the inability to trace goods that go missing.
     Orders ship direct to you. The expense of storefonts and salespeople are eliminated.
     Australian Distributors, Australian Warranty, No Grey Market Importing Guaranteed.

    Anyone Can Use Our Service
    Home Users
    Huge permanent savings over retail stores. Convenient 24x7 online facilities. Delivery to your door. Save time and money by removing the hassle of hunting around shops.

    Small Business and SOHO
    Use us as your Mini IT department. Take advantage of fast and efficient service. Improve your bottom line with permanent savings.

    The huge database of products caters for IT Managers, Procurement, and Enthusiast needs. If you can't find it via a Part Number search just ask us to source it for you.

    Educational - Charities - Churches - Community Groups. Ask about discounts for large quantities and software licencing. Please note that orders are prepaid due to our low margins.

    Government Departments
    Government credit is automatically approved. Please place the order online and send us your Government purchase order for verification.

    We Look Forward To Serving You Soon - BetterIT Australia


  • Contact Us

    Before Contacting Us
    Please refer to the appropriate help section before contacting us. BetterIT has been in business since 2002 and we have listed most commonly asked questions here in order to provide you with immediate assistance. For product related information and advice, we recommend contacting the manufacturer pre-sales support directly due the large amount of products we list. Contact details can be seen when viewing a product.

    Email Support (Preferred Contact Method)
    We prefer email to provide support. Most enquiries require us to investigate and get back to you and email is the most effecient method. or use the contact link on the main website.

    Live Chat
    Click on the live chat image on the main website to talk live to one of our support staff or easily leave a message when unavailable.

    Phone and Fax
    BetterIT is a high volume discount reseller and uses email and live chat to enable effecient communication. We found that most enquiries required further investigation and have now directed the numbers below to our PABX informational and voicemail system as a backup. You will find our response times and service are MUCH better than many of our competitors who often do not answer or use an external service for enquiries.

    Sydney       02 8214 6600
    Brisbane    07 3305 0003
    Melbourne 03 9013 9444
    FAX              02 8002 0041

    Correspondance to: (do not send returns to this address)
    BetterIT Australia
    Accounts Processing
    PO Box 766
    Cherrybrook NSW 2126

    Cheques to:
    Send Cheque only (No Invoice etc). On the rear of the cheque write Account: 242471472, and Ref#: 88+the order number (e.g. 8844035)
    Reply Paid
    GPO Box 1345
    Melbourne VIC 3001
    Do not add anyting else to this reply paid address

    Business Hours
    09:30am - 5:00pm - Order online any time.


  • Business Information

    BetterIT Australia - ABN 65 875 389 284
    We are GST registered to issue VALID Tax invoices. Beware of stores that may have an ABN, but are not GST registered. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

    A Trusted Business
    We have been in business since 2002 and have seen a lot of competitors come and go, often with customers money. There are a lot of cloned websites that may be run by inexperienced people or operated as a part time business or hobby. Anyone can buy a website clone, but it is the experience and processes behind the website that is important. BetterIT has a long track record, unique industry specific processes, and a sustainable business model that you can trust.

    A Viable Business Model
    Most orders are prepaid and we don't carry large overdrafts to cater for accounts. This enables us to provide the best pricing and operate on slim margins while remaining debt free. You can be sure we will be here to handle your warranty and enquiries long after your purchase.

    Experience and Background
    Our staff come from the corporate world with a mix of experience from IT procurement, programming, retailing, and of course excellent customer service. We have over 25 years experience in the IT industry.

    Our Goals
     Provide a Convenient and Easy Technology Selection Experience.
     Empower you to make Informed, Quick, and Confident Purchasing Decisions.
     Save you Time, Money, Fuel, and The Hassle of Shopping Around.
     Allow you to compare a large range of stock and pricing from many distributors.
     Convince you to come back again by providing Excellent Customer Service.


  • How It Works

    What We Do
    There are many Australian Distributors of technology related goods that allow direct shipping to end customers from their warehouses. We receive datafeeds of stock information from these distributors and list this on our website. You place an order, we pass the order to the distributor, and they pick, pack, and ship fresh goods direct to you. This is in fact how most internet stores similar to ours operate, even if they don't like to disclose this. It's the experience and processes behind the scenes that makes the difference though, and you can count on BetterIT's long track record since 2002. We have developed customised industry specific processes to handle your order and after sales service in the most expediant maner.

    Other Stores
    While some online stores may advertise that they have products In Stock and carry 25,000 items, you can be sure that virtually all of them will operate in the same way as we do. Some stores, including us, may hold small amounts of stock on hand, but no store, not even the major chains, carry 25,000 IT products. We have a policy of being open and transparent about how our business operates and leave it up to you to make a judgement on the trustworthiness of other stores.

    Grey Market
    We ship all products from Australian distributors. We do not import or ship from overseas. You can be sure that products are for the Australian market and warranty is handled within Australia. You will not be left with no warranty or having to ship products overseas for repairs if the retalier ceases business.

    Beware of grey market importers, hobby, and overseas stores with no local manufacturer support that may leave you with no legal recourse.

    How Ordering Online Is Different
    Ordering online is fundamentally different to walking into a shop and picking up a product. Orders are processed in a queue, and if stock is low or is very popular, it is sometimes possible to miss allocation of the current stock. Where your order misses out on stock allocation, it will revert to a back order or we will contact you. If this happens, the current ETA status can be seen within your account and updates are emailed weekdays where available. At your discretion, we are happy to issue a full refund in this situation or source the product elsewhere for you if possible (pricing may vary).

    The Order Process and Risks
    No distributor currently provides live updates of their stock information. Most provide details as at the start of the business day. This means that stock levels shown do not reflect orders since the last update. After we receive your cleared payment, the order is passed to the distributor who queues all orders against available stock. While it is possible to miss allocation of available stock, particilarly for low in stock and popular items, it is a fundamental difference when ordering online and a factor to take into account when using any online store. At your discretion if an order misses allocation of stock, we are happy to issue a full refund or source the product elsewhere for you if possible (pricing may vary). Shop with confidence.


  • Pre Sales Still need assistance? Make a Pre Sales Enquiry
  • Product Enquires

    Product Related Information & Specs
    Most manufacturers provide excellent Pre Sales support, please contact them directly for all product related questions. The manufacturer part# is used on our listings after the brand name for ease of reference, and a link to the manufacturer support site is shown when viewing a product. Clicking Brands will also display all manufacturers and details.

    Due to the huge range of products involved, pre sales support provided by BetterIT is limited.

    The onus is on you to ensure compatibility of products. If in doubt, please contact the manufacturer. We are unable to provide advice due to the range of products involved.

    Ensure the Correct Product
    For professional products it is sometimes difficult to ascertain the correct product required. If the manufacturer is unable to assist, please contact us for assistance as there may be fees imposed by the manufacturers or distributors for returns or corrections. For products such as servers we can provide a quote with compatible products configured.

    Always Check Licencing
    Please always check the licence details or vendor website to ensure that you are using the software in accordance with the agreement. Some software may only be free for certain usage (e.g. for personal use, and not business or charity use). Other software such as OEM may have limited support or other restrictions compared to retail versions. It is your responsibility to check if the licensing applies to your situation.

    Procurement Sourcing Service
    If you can't find it on our site, we can usually get it for you. We have access to the same suppliers that most stores do and can source most items for you. Please forward your procurement requirements here.


  • GST & Tax Invoices

    Tax Invoices
    A Tax Invoice is available for printing when you Sign In to your account. We don't send invoices with any orders which is great for gifts.

    GST Registered - ABN 65 875 389 284
    Our ABN is GST Registered which allows us to issue VALID tax invoices.

    5 Year Account History
    For your convenience, your previous order details and invoices are stored for up to 5 years. Sign In to your account to view.


  • Brand New Australian Stock & Warranty

    Australian Only
    All items are brand new and shipped fresh direct from Australian Distributors to you. Warranty is handled locally by the manufacturer or their distributor. As all items are Australian Sourced, you will not have to ship back to another country for warranty. You also have the added protection of backup warranty protection by Australian distributors rather than a single store that may import and sell grey market products.

    Promotion Eligability and Genuine Stock
    We only use Australian Distributors and all products are genuine. You should check with us to ensure stock is eligable for relevant promotions.

    Same Protection As A Shopfront
    We use the same distributors and offer the same consumer protection as a shopfront. We fully comply with Australian Fair Trading laws.

    Fresh Product Direct From Distributor
    Orders ship direct from distributor to you. You get get the latest, fresh, untouched product. No ex demo, or units 'tested' by techies or customers. Packaging may reflect the distributor rather than BetterIT on occasion as we constantly source the best deals for you from various distributors.


  • Quotes and Saved Orders

    Checkout Without Paying
    We don't force you to pay at checkout time, so you can generate as many orders/quotes as you like through our checkout without obligation. A Tax Invoice/Quote is available at the end of the process. Pricing and stock levels are valid only on the day the order was saved. Due to our low margins, we may not be able to honour any large price increases imposed by our distributors.

    Insurance Quotes
    Follow the Checkout Without Paying process above to generate a quote. When you are ready to purchase, send us an email with the order number. We are happy to assist with any insurance claim requirements.

    Saving The Cart
    If you don't wish to proceed through the checkout, our store allows you to save the current shopping cart for later. Use the Save button when viewing the cart. The cart is stored in your account and if you wish to proceed, simply click on the order number of the saved cart to proceed through checkout.

    Save a Product
    You can save a product of interest for later review. When viewing a product, click on SAVE in the page options box beside the long description. This will add the product to your Saved List which can be viewed by clicking SAVED on the main Menu bar.

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  • Pricing and Price Matching

    Our Promise
    We price our products at consistantly low prices so you don't have to search for the best prices every time you make a purchase. We will however do our best to source a product at a lower price down to our cost price if you find it cheaper. There are occasions where we may be unable to meet competitors prices such as end of line items and bulk purchases.

    Must be In Stock
    We can only match prices for items if our competitors have the item IN STOCK and it is NEW and Australian sourced. Superseded stock, demo, scoop purchases, and end of line items may not be able to be matched as we can not usually source the stock for you.

    Australian Sourced Only
    Buying from auctions, offshore sellers, or sellers in Australia sourcing from overseas, is fraught with risks. There are no laws protecting you, warranty may be a nightmare, fraud is prevalent, import duty may be a hidden cost, and the business is usually not GST registered to issue valid Tax Invoices (even if they have an ABN).

    No Grey Market or Imports
    We do not deal with, and suggest you avoid, the grey market, imported, or overseas sourced products due to the risks involved. High delivery fees, extended delivery times, and large price variations are indicators - beware. For example, we have come across hard disks that were imported by a now closed store that had to be sent back to Singapore for warranty repair which was not worth the high shipping costs.

    GST Registered
    The store must have both an ABN and be registered for GST to allow VALID Tax Invoices to be issued

    Price Errors
    If our price appears to be in error, please let us know as we can usually rectify this quickly.

    Quality Of The Store
    We have been in business since 2002 and have seen a lot of competitors come and go, often with customers money. There are a lot of cloned websites that may be run by inexperienced people in it for the short term or operated as a part time business or hobby. Anyone can buy a website clone, but it is the experience and processes behind the website that is important. BetterIT has a long track record, unique processes, and a sustainable business model that you can trust. Is the other store comparable? Will they be there long after your purchase?

    Requesting a Price Match
    When viewing a product, select Price Match in the box beside the product description. You will need to provide a link to the competitor product page and shipping costs to your postcode.


  • Large Orders

    Quantities Over 10 or Orders Over $10k
    When ordering high value items in quanties over 10, or where the order value is over $10k, we may be able to obtian better pricing from our distributors depending on the brand. Please email us the details or saved cart order number and any price to be matched against.

    Software Discounts
    Certain software has cheaper versions for academic institutions, students, charities, and churches (e.g. Microsoft Office Student and Teacher is for non-commercial use). For larger organisations software licencing is available for seats of 5+. Please check your eligability with the manufacturer and email your requirements for a competitive quote.


  • Why We Are So Cheap

    High Volume, Internet Only, Better Pricing
    BetterIT is a high volume steamlined online operation that has been in business since 2002. We use the same distributors and offer the same consumer protection as a shopfront, but don't have the same operating expenses such as warehousing, rent & insurance, administration, inventory costs, or commissioned salespeople. These cost savings are passed on to you.


  • Payment Still need assistance? Make a Payment Enquiry
  • Payment Methods

    Payment Methods
    Please see *Payment Methods* for details. You will find we have more payment methods than most stores. We accept cheque/savings account and Credit Card payments via BPay using your Internet or Phone Banking. This provides you with added protection against identity theft fraud as our staff do not need to know your card details or identity information. Using Bpay is treated as a normal purchase and not a cash advance as some may advise.

    Purchase Orders
    We prefer all orders be entered via our website for speed and efficiency. If you are unable to use our website, please send your PO to us manually and we will enter it for you. Please note that all orders are prepaid and payment must be received and cleared before processing.

    FAX    02 8002 0041

    Branch Deposits
    Where you have deposited physically at a branch for same day ordering, please email us to expedite your order.


    Notifying Us of Payment
    Notifications and remittance advice is not necessary as orders are processed once payment is received into our accounts. However, if you system requires it please use the address below.

    Email (not necessary)

    Phone/Fax Orders
    We do not take Credit Cards by phone or fax, and strongly suggest you protect yourself by not doing this for any online purchase. Please use one of our many other payment methods.

    Transaction Fees
    We compete on price and do not include any markup for payment fees in our pricing. This allows you to choose your own payment option on a user pays basis, and has the benifit of being cheaper when ordering multiple items. You can avoid fees by using any no fee option.

    Accounts & Credit
    We do not run credit accounts as our pricing structure does not accommodate the costs involved. Our website account facility keeps track of your orders and invoices for up to 5 years - great for businesses.

    Changes to Payment Methods
    A different payment method may be selected after placing your order as we pick up the payment reference from the order number or BPay reference. Please adjust your payment to take into account fees. If you need to change to a Corporate/Business Visa/MasterCard because you do not have access to BPay, please reply to the order confirmation email to request.

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  • Protecting Yourself Online

    Browser Address Bar Security Verification
    Always click on the Green Address Bar or green business name in your browser when checking out to ensure the business you are dealing with has been verified by the SSL registrar. Without this, only the web address, not the actual business, has been verified. Read More about the Green Address Bar and SSL .

    BPay for Credit Cards - Guard against Identity Theft and Fraud
    If you use Visa/MasterCard for Internet purchases, we strongly recommend you use BPay instead of divulging card details on a website or the phone. The advantage of BPay is that you are in control and your card details and verification details are not required to be given to staff, transmitted, or stored by us. You can access BPay from the security of your banks Internet or Telephone banking. Internet related identity crimes are on the rise and even large organisations are not immune from information theft. Protect your self online with BPay - 1 extra step, 1000 times safer!

    SSL and Your Details
    We use payment strength SSL encryption during checkout to protect information needed for order processing. Your information is also held in the strictest confidence and is not divulged to any other parties other than in relation to your order.

    Further Reading

    Never give a stranger all your details!
    A staff member with just your card number and CCV security code from the back of the card can use this information at any time in the future to make a fraudulent transaction. With additional details such as your address, email, copies of your card, signature, drivers licence, or bills, you leave yourself wide open to the risk of identity theft fraud.

    Should I Phone or Fax the details?
    Definitely Not! These methods require that you reveal important security information to a staff member such as your CCV security code or signature. Information is also transmitted to card companies or third party processors, and may also be electronically stored which further adds to the risk. Faxing is the most dangerous of all, as you can not be sure your faxed details will be destroyed after use.

    Avoiding the risks
    Paying from the security of your own Banks Internet or Phone Banking facilities is the safest way to use your Credit Card online. Absolutely no financial details are needed by the merchant, and the benefits of using your Credit Card remain. Simply select pay by BPay, and use the BPay reference number on your invoice - just like paying a water bill. More information at the BPay Website . BPay is now the only method we use to process Personal Credit Cards as the fees are much cheaper, and it provides the best protection for our customers.

    Web References
    Government Identity Theft Website
    Government Web Safety Advice
    Get Safe Online
    Fight Identity Theft
    Case: CC Numbers Exposed
    Case: Your Money or Your Life
    Report Identity Theft

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  • Duty Free Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)

    Get 10% of your invoice back!
    The TRS enables you to claim a refund, subject to certain conditions, of the goods and services tax (GST) that you pay on goods you buy in Australia. To claim a refund you must:

    1. Spend $300 (GST inclusive) or more in the one store and get a single tax invoice.
    2. Buy goods no more than 30 days before departure.
    3. Wear or carry the goods on board the aircraft or ship and present them along with your original tax invoice, passport and international boarding pass to a Customs Officer at a TRS facility

    See the Australian Customs Tourist Refund Scheme website for full details. Only businesses such as ours that have an ABN AND are registered for GST are eligible.

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  • Privacy Policy

    Be Confident with BetterIT
    BetterIT's policy regarding the privacy rights of visitors to our website means that we respect your right to privacy and your desire for a secure on-line shopping experience.

    For Order Processing Only
    Your information is held in the strictest confidence and is not divulged to any other parties other than in relation to your order.

    NO Financial Details Needed!
    BetterIT differs from most other websites, by not collecting, storing or transmitting your financial details. This safeguards you from identity theft and risking the interception or theft of your details via the Internet.

    How do we do this? We use payment methods that do not require us to know your financial details. To process credit cards, we use BPay. BPay allows you to be in control and use your Banks Secure Internet or Phone Banking system to pay our invoice.

    For GST Free Orders Only
    The tax office requires us to state that information given in the course of the transaction may be used to determine your liability to Australian GST. For GST free orders you must provide a declaration on company letterhead that you are not in Australia and will not be making use of the goods in Australia, provide a full address, contact name and phone number, and shipment tracking confirmation from your carrier.

    Information We Collect And How It's Used
    Aggregate Information We collect aggregate information on visits made to our pages. This information helps us improve the content of our site and is not personally identifying.

    Other Information We Collect When you purchase a product on, we ask you for the following information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address. We will NEVER ask you for credit card, financial details, or other sensitive details. This information is used to process your order and if necessary, to contact you during processing of that order only. All information we collect is stored in a secure database and in accordance with Australian Law.

    Email BetterIT collects an e-mail address to inform you of your order. We will not email you in future unless you give us your consent. This email address is also used for our optional Newsletter which you may select from your account details page. You may opt out of any marketing emails at any time.

    About Children (Under 18) For their protection, we ask that children do not submit information to us without the consent of a parent or guardian.

    Secure Shopping We use a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) digital certificate. Your personal information is encrypted while travelling the Internet. All information is then stored in a secure database.

    Accessing Your Details
    All your address details, newsletter options, your order history and GST Tax invoice copies can be accessed when you Sign In in to your account. If you would like to change any of your transactional information in our database please feel free to contact us.

    If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know.

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  • Shipping Still need assistance? Make a Shipping Enquiry
  • We Ship Faster

    Distributor Direct To You
    Most stores will wait until they have enough orders, then order from a distributor, ship to a warehouse or store, collate orders, repackage, and then resend. We avoid these delays and ship fresh product straight from the distributor to your door.

    Experienced delivery services and Reliable Logistics
    We use the logistics systems of the largest distributors in the country. These distributors are skilled in shipping large quantities of fragile goods Australia wide to customers and stores includuing most of the the major chains. The delivery services are engaged by the distributors and provide multiple point tracking so as to easily identify any problems.

    How Fast?
    Once your payment clears, delivery is usually Next Business Day for large east coast metro areas.

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  • Time Frames and 2.30pm Cut Off

    Normal Time Frames
    Once your payment clears and all items are available, delivery is generally

            OVERNIGHT - for NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT Major Metro Areas
            2-7 Days - for regional areas depending on how remote
            3-8 days - for SA, WA, NT, TAS depending on how remote

    For a more accurate estimate please use the Startrack Transit Time Estimator as a guide (select Sydney & Express Service). Delivery and dispatch are on business days only.

    Standard Overnight Dispatch - 2.30pm Cut Off for Cleared Payment
    Cleared Payment must be in our account by 2.30pm for your order to be processed that day. Please refer to Payment Methods for clearance times.

    Dispatch Times (e.g. Dispatch 1-2 days.)
    This is displayed when viewing a product and indicates the average time it takes the particular distributor to process and dispatch your order. Generally dispatch is in 1 business day, but if we know it to be longer we will show it here. The time frame starts when payment is received by us and we send the order to the distributor. The estimates in this document assume a Dispatch Time of 1-2days.

    Delivery Tracking
    Deliveries should be expected in the normal time frame and tracking should only be requested if this does not occur. There are no estimated times of the day or live GPS style tracking available from any delivery service at this stage. Tracking is usually only provided for delayed delivery investigation and back orders (sent automatically via email where available).

    Supply Chain and Delivery Estimates
    We understand the importance of prompt delivery and process your order as fast as possible, however a lot of the supply chain is out of our control. This is the case for almost all stores. Delays can occur from factors such as when payment is received by us, working days, driver runs, distributor workload, busy periods, stock availability, and cut off times. Delivery times should be regarded as estimates.

    An Example
    A typical east coast metro scenario might be that your order is placed on Monday (day zero), payment is made by bpay before 5pm, payment clears overnight and is received by us on Teusday (day 1), we send the order to the distributor and they process and dispatch on that day (ie. Dispatch in 1 Day by the distributor), you receive your goods overnight on Wednesday (day 2). (Note that by using a same day payment method before the cut off time, an additional 1 day can be saved in this example as payment does not have to clear overnight.)

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  • Urgent Deliveries

    Priority/Ultra Processing
    If delivery of your goods is urgent, we have the option of selecting the fastest possible method and Priority Processing in shipping options. When you select this option, your order is assigned the highest priority and goes to the top of the list. A single case manager is assigned to process your order and payment, optimise processing though distributors, and to regularly follow up.

    Fastest Payment Methods
    Faster delivery can be ensured by using a same day payment method such as Paypal or Branch Deposit. See Payment Methods for more information.

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  • Where We Ship

    Australia Wide
    We ship Australia Wide - wherever a regular delivery service can get to. If you are in a remote area and would like to double check, please place an order and send us an email to confirm, we'll get back to you before processing.

    Not Outside of Australia
    We do not ship overseas due to security of the goods and fraud concerns. You will need to arrange your own local freight forwarding service to ship overseas. Please see Google for providers.

    Send To Any Address
    Most stores need delivery to go to your credit card billing address, but using our applicable payment methods you can send to any address.


  • Couriers and Shipping Costs

    Delivery Services
    Deliveries can be traced down to the repsonsible driver level. It may sometimes be a little more expensive than standard post for smaller orders, but we can easily trace deliveries to ensure your order gets to you, and it also guards against fraud and theft for both parties.

    The high value and fragile nature of our goods requires a secure traceable service to ensure your goods arrive safely. Traceable delivery services scan your package at each stage from point of dispatch to your address. Tracking can be provided after the goods ship.

    Upfront & Tailored To Your Postcode
    We display the cost of delivery to your postcode on every product page. We don't beleive it is good practice to hide these costs until checkout time. Cubic Weights and Post Codes are used to calculate the cost. Click on the postcode when viewing a product to set.

    Multiple Item Savings
    You can save on multiple items as shipping is charged by weight per order. Total cost can be seen by adding items to the cart. You will find us faster and cheaper than most.

    Weight & Cubic Weight
    Like most online stores, product weights are in Cubic Kilograms. This is due to the way delivery services and Australia Post cater for big boxes. Simply, the measurements of the box are multiplied by 250, which gives the cubic kilograms. If that amount is greater than the actual weight, then the delivery service will charge for the higher amount.

    Redelivery & Restocking
    Redelivery and restocking fees will be passed on at cost if we incur these from our suppliers. Please see delivery requirements for more information.

    The delivery services used are insured and are also traceable down to the person last in possession of the goods.


  • Delivery Requirements

    No PO Boxes - Signature Required
    PO Boxes can not be used as the delivery services used are secure and a signature is required to ensure delivery and guard against fraud. If you live in a small country area and have an arrangement with your post office to receive goods for you, please address the shipping to - c/o Post Office (Prior Arrangement) and the Post Office address.

    Address Must Be Attended
    The shipping cost guarantees a single delivery attempt to your specified address. Most delivery services may leave a card or re-attempt delivery, but this depends on the run and the service being used and should not be relied upon. It is vitally important that you use an address that is attended during business hours as shipping costs are non refundable. Re delivery and restocking fees will be passed on at cost if we incur these from our suppliers. Delivery times can not be specified due to driver run variations. If your home address is not suitable, we suggest a work address, a neighbour, relative, or a local shop as alternatives.

    Anyone May Sign
    Anyone at your specified address may sign for the delivery. It is your responsibility to ensure the address is secure and there is a responsible person there to sign for and check the goods.

    Work and Large Organisations
    If shipping to your work address remember to include the building name, floor and work telephone number. It is not a good idea to deliver to a foyer. You are responsible following delivery of the goods. For large campus type deliveries such as Hospitals or Universities, the delivery services responsibility ends at the gate or delivery dock and delivery to specific floors or buildings cannot be guaranteed.

    Phone Number
    Include a phone number in the shipping address to assist drivers with delivery issues where they offer this service. Please note that delivery services will not call before delivery though.

    No Pickups
    We speed ship direct to you from Australian distributors in various locations and do not offer a pickup service.

    Multiple Deliveries
    As we sell and ship direct from many different suppliers, you may receive more than one shipment per order.


  • Accepting Delivery

    Test & Check ASAP
    Check and test the goods following delivery, if they are damaged or faulty, please report it to us within 7 days (see the Returns). If the wrong goods have been sent, please report as soon as possible. Do not open or use the goods, as this will be deemed acceptance of the goods.

    Signing the POD and Checking the Delivery
    When delivery is accepted at your specified address, a signature is required and forms the Proof Of Delivery (POD). This formalises delivery of the consignment to you and it is the hand over point of a delivery from the care of the Carrier to the care of the Customer. Therefore, when a POD is signed it confirms that the consignment has been delivered in full and is in good condition (ie: no visible physical damage, and all items are received as per the conignment note/delivery docket). Failure to inspect the goods prior to signing the POD will result in voiding of any insurance and recourse against loss or transit damage.

    If the number of cartons is not shown on the carton labels, please check the delivery docket where it may be listed under freight labels. It is also good practice to write the number of cartions received when signing (e.g. 2 Boxes).

    There are only three actions that can occur as a result of a delivery of a consignment, which are:

    1. When a complete delivery arrives in appropriate satisfactory condition, a POD should be completed with a signature at the receiver address, date and the name of the signatory. This is what is termed a Clean POD.

    2. Should a shipment arrive that does not match the delivery paperwork (e.g.:missing a carton), the POD must have noted on it the number of cartons short, then a signature, name and date as above.

    3. If a shipment arrives with a damaged carton or item, the POD must have the damage noted on it, any carton identifier available, signature, name and date as above. You should ask the driver to return to Sender.

    This is industry standard practice and is the only three accepted outcomes by us and the Carriers. The practice of signing with the initials STC (Subject to Check) or similar is deemed as a clean POD with no recourse for the Customer or us on any shipment discrepancy subsequently discovered.

    The Carriers policy, even on large consignments, is for the driver to wait while all items are inspected and the POD is signed.


  • Shiping Problems

    Order Not Arrived
    Please make sure you take into account payment processing time, public holidays, busy period delays, as well as the estimated delivery time. Generally, allow an extra day and then follow up with us. See the payments section for payment processing times. Please also Sign In to your account and check the order status in case your items have missed allocation and have been placed on back order by the distributor.

    Failed Deliveries
    The goods will be returned to the wharehouse and credit issued once received back less any shipping costs. A new order will need to be placed.

    Address Changes
    Once the order status goes to PAID - Processing, the address is unable to be changed due to fraud reasons. If you need to change the delivery date, please contact us.

    Shipping Refunds
    Shipping is non refundable unless we are at fault or the product arrives faulty or becomes faulty soon after. We consider the shipping cost akin to spending time and petrol visiting a local shop.

    Cost Variations
    In rare instances, there may be some variation to the prices quoted on the web site depending on the delivery service and the destination. Bulky items may sometimes attract additional costs or require on site assistance to be available. Where we are aware of this we will add a bulky item charge to the item. If the cost to deliver to you varies significantly, we will contact you to approve a new shipping cost. Unfortunately our margins aren't high enough to absorb additional costs, and delivery service charges are not an exact science. Most estimates are accurate though.

    Disputes & Proof of Delivery
    Once proof of delivery is available, we consider the goods as being delivered. Where a dispute arises over delivery, the delivery service company is able to assist with further information and should be the first point of contact. The tracking information allows a particular employee to be identified and the matter can be treated as criminal fraud if required. We are also happy to assist in any way.

    Damage & Missing
    Damaged items are replaced or refunded if damaged by the delivery service. If the item becomes faulty in the DOA Period (usually the first 7 days) it will be replaced or refunded. If the item goes missing in transit, we can identify at what point it went missing, and a refund may be issued.

    Tags: Refund, Insurance

  • Delivery Dockets

    No Invoice Sent - Great For Gifts!
    No invoice or prices are sent with any goods. This is great for sending gifts. A Tax Invoice may be printed from your account and is saved for up to 5 years for your convenience.


  • Ordering Still need assistance? Make an Ordering Enquiry
  • Product Information and Discrepencies

    Check With The Manufacturer
    Where there is a discrepancy with the information shown, the manufacturers own information for that part# will usually be correct. Most information and pictures on our website are drawn from other sources and should be used as a guide only. You should double check details with others sources such as the manufacturer. Prices and specifications may change without notice or be incorrect. Pictures shown on our website are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the actual product at times.

    Reliance on Distributor Data
    We rely on information provided by our distributors and have no control over ETA's, errors, descriptions, pricing, or stock information shown on our site. It is not a perfect system and on occasion products may not be available or information may be incorrect. We can not honour errors due to our slim margins, but we offer a full refund policy in these situations.

    Update Status
    To be sure you are viewing the latest information, please check the update date below the stock information. If our updates are still running you will see their status in the menu bar next to the date (e.g. Updating Products 1/5), or Site Up To Date when complete. Our daily updates start around 3am and you may find us more up to date than other sites.


  • Order Status

    Current Status
    Please Sign In to your account for updates and current back order status. Information is updated weekdays.

    Back Order Status
    Changes to back order ETA's are emailed and updated in your account where details are provided by the distributor.

    Order Status Codes
    Most order status codes are self explanitory. The order tracking in your account will show a history of status changes. Here are some comon codes;

    Awaiting Payment - We are waiting for payment to be received. Our bank accounts are checked prior to the cut off times. The status will change and an email will be sent once we receive cleared payment.

    PAID - The order has been paid and we are sourcing the products.

    PAID - Distributor Processing order - The order has been passed to the distributor for stock allocation and dispatch. This is the final status. Deivery will be in standard timeframe unless you receive a further email.

    PAID - On Hold - There is a problem with your order and we will contact you via email.

    REFUND - Complete - Sent to.. - A refund has been processed by our accounts department using the indicated method.

    RETURN - in Progress - An item or items on you invoice are in the returns process. There are several steps in the return process and the status will indicate each step.

    Complete/Recified - A prior status task has been completed.

    Cancelled - A paid order has been cancelled at your request.

    SAVED - Allows Modify, Delete, Resubmit - Click on the order number in your account to change, add/remove products, resubmit payment, or delete.


  • Stock Levels and ETA's

    Stock Level Definitions
    This information is seen when viewing a product. Updates occur when we receive new information from our distributors and is generally once a day on weekdays. The last update time is shown below this information.

    nn+ Available This is the amount of stock available for ordering at the distributor at the time of the update.

    nn (LOW) Stock is 5 or below. There is a higher risk of not receiving allocation of stock.

    0 - Pre Order OK No stock, but the distributor indicates it is available for ordering.

    Discontinued This item is no longer available for ordering and has been removed from the distributors data feed.

    Stock Quanties Shown
    Stock showing as available does not take into account stock that may have been ordered since the last database update. It should be used a guide only. Orders are placed with distributors when payment is received, not when ordered. If we can not obtain an item on your order for any reason, we are happy to assist with alternatives or provide a refund at your discretion.

    What is an ETA
    Where an item is out of stock or back ordered, an ESTIMATED Time of Arrival (ETA) is shown in business days. This may be based on past orders or manufacturer and distributor estimates. This can vary greatly either way due to the nature of the supply chain. We DO NOT have any input or influence over these as they are provided by the manufacturers and distributors directly. The ETA shown is to the distributor, please allow a further 48 hours for them to receive into stock and ship to you.

    If there is no ETA
    If there is no ETA information showing when viewing the product details, an ETA will only be available after the distributor places the order on the manufacturer. Unfortunatley we are unable to obtain advance ETA information unless a large order is placed. In general, we recommend allowing 5-14 business days for most items, although this is product dependant. We offer a full refund if the eta is unreasonable.

    Risks When Back Ordering
    As we can not guarantee the ETA's, we have a full refund policy if you order and the ETA is not met. If possible, we will also try and re source the item for you. You should not place a back order unless you accept the risk of an ETA not being met and the possiblility that a product may not be available or delivered earlier or later.

    Moving ETA's
    ETA updates are shown in your account where available, these can sometimes move either way as updates are received. Please note that we are not able to obtain further information on the ETA's as it is updated by the distributors and manufacturers as ordering and supply chain conditions change. We do understand this can be very frustrating, but is always a risk when back ordering. If you are not happy to wait, please email us and request the order be cancelled, or re sourced if you have seen it available elsewhere.

    ETA Definitions
    Where avalable, this information is shown if the item is low in, or out of stock.

    Next shipment eta to be advised or see lead time if in description
    The distributor has yet to be informed of an ETA for a shipment or it is shown in the long description for order-in items (e.g. 8 days lead time).

    As Required, eta is n Days to distributor after ordering This is an order-in as required item that the distributor does not hold stock of.

    n available in next shipment due to distributor dd/mm/yy Stock still available in the next shipment, and the current ETA of next shipment as at the time of update.


  • Out Of Stock Items

    Stock Is Not Reserved
    Stock that is currently showing as available on your order may not be reserved while other items are on back order. This is a distributor practice and a quirk you may encounter from any direct ship store. We strongly recommend placing separate orders for back ordered items as it is possible that you may loose allocation of other items, and possibly on a continuing basis. If the order unexpectedly misses stock allocation, we provide the option of shipping in stock items (extra shipping applies), cancelling out of stock items from the order, or providing a full refund.


  • Order Changes

    Adding Items or Modifying an Existing Order
    If you have not paid, you can simply enter another order as we do not process any orders without payment. Alternatively, you may request the order be saved to allow changes by replying to the order confirmation email. This will save the order at the checkout stage and allow additions, deletions, and different payment methods. If you have already paid and need to make additional payment, please use the same reference numbers.

    Cancellation is not necessary if you have not made payment. You are welcome to leave the order/quote in your account for reference or reply to the confirmation email and request the order be saved to allow deletion. If you have submitted payment, or the order has been processed, please reply to the confirmation email to request.

    Cancellation Costs
    We will absorb payment fees if we are at fault, the item is not able to be supplied, or the eta is unduly extended. If you cancel due to change of mind, and dont transfer the credit to another order, payment fees will be deducted to cover costs.

    Price Drops
    Rapid price change is the norm for the technology business and once your order is processed, pricing is locked in by the distributor and can not be changed. If pricing changes prior to your order being processed, please place a new order. If you have made payment using the old order details, please reply to the confirmation email and request us to redirect the payment to the new order and refund any difference.


  • Store Features

    The easiest way to find a product on our site is to use the search facility. Use a part number of partial description. The results can then be filtered by manufacturer, availability, and sorted by price or name. Click on Advanced Search under the search box for a more refined search.

    Better Product Comparison Search
    It's easier to compare prices and products if they are all in one category. You will find that we differ from most other stores by listing in this way. You can easily sort, compare and identify bargains. How is it better?

    e.g. you are looking for a 22inch monitor...
    With BetterIT You select the Monitors category, then sort by price. You easily see by the listing, that the 24inch has come down in price and is now only $10 more.
    Other Store You click 22 inch and may be different brands and perhaps 24inch if you think of it, missing any comparable products and pricing.

    e.g. you are looking for a new Acer Small Form Factor PC...
    With BetterIT You list the Desktop Computer category, then select Acer as the brand, then sort by price. You easily see by the listing, that the USFF model offers better specs for the same price.
    Other Store You click Acer, then SK50 category. You look in 3 or 4 other categories to compare.

    e.g. you are looking for the cheapest Digital Camera In Stock...
    With BetterIT You list the Digital Cameras - Still, then select In Stock, then sort by price. You easily compare the cheapest cameras from all brands that are in stock.
    Other Store You click multiple brand or model categories, write down prices, check if in stock.

    No Scroll Menu
    Does it annoy you to constantly scroll through a large menu to find what you want? Our site saves you that hassle by organising all departments onto one screen, just point and click!

    Order Status Emails & Updates
    Order status emails and current order status is available in your account. Were you have an item on back order, the status is updated daily in your account and an email is sent on any ETA change where available.

    Checkout Without Paying and Quotes
    We don't force you to pay at checkout time, so you can generate as many orders/quotes as you like through our checkout without obligation. A Tax Invoice/Quote is available at the end of the process. Pricing and stock levels are valid only on the day the order was saved. Due to our low margins, we may not be able to honour any large price increases imposed by our distributors.

    Saving The Cart
    If you don't wish to proceed through the checkout, our store allows you to save the current shopping cart for later. Use the Save button when viewing the cart. The cart is stored in your account and if you wish to proceed, simply click on the order number of the saved cart to proceed through checkout.

    Short List a Product
    You can save a product of interest for later review in the Short List. When viewing a product, click on ShortList in the Store Options beside the product description. This will add the product to your shortlist which can be viewed by clicking ShortList on the main Menu bar.

    5 Year Account History
    For your convenience, your previous order details and invoices are stored for up to 5 years. Sign In to your account to view.


  • Order Acceptance

    Order Confirmation
    Receipt of an order confirmation or quotation may not constitute the acceptance of such, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. BetterIT Australia reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. We are a buying service offering you access to stock held by distributors at heavily discounted pricing, stock, pricing and availability is out of our control.

    Ownership Of Stock
    Title of goods transfers to the customer only after goods are fully paid for and shipped.

    Dispute Handling - We Want Happy Customers
    Each issue is approached with an open mind and we look at all options to resolve problems in a timely manner. While we abide by the NSW Fair Trading laws, we strive to settle matters internally first to save both parties time and money. All disputes shall be subject to the laws of New South Wales, under the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.

    Liability - Making an Informed Choice
    The products and/or services provided by any company or individual which you may access from the BetterIT Web site are out of the control of BetterIT Australia. You acknowledge that any reliance upon any advice, opinion, recommendation, statement or other information displayed or distributed through the BetterIT Web site is at your sole risk. It is your responsibility to ensure compatibility.

    Prior to purchasing any products or services described on the BetterIT Web site, you are advised to verify pricing, product quality and other information necessary to make an informed purchase. Neither BetterIT nor any of its affiliates shall have any liability arising from your purchases of products or services based upon the information provided on the BetterIT Web site.

    Although BetterIT and its affiliates have attempted to provide accurate information to you, BetterIT and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, delays or other defects in any of the information provided.

    BetterIT Australia will not be held liable to the Customer, or to any other person whomsoever, for any loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with Products, other than expressly imposed by law in terms of which it is not possible to limit or exclude liability. BetterIT expressly excludes liability for consequential loss or damage including but not limited to loss of profit, business, data, revenue, goodwill or anticipated savings.


  • Purchase Orders And Accounts

    Tax Invoices
    A Tax Invoice is available for printing when you Sign In to your account. We send only the packing slip with orders.

    Accounts And Credit
    Please note that credit accounts are strictly only available to Government Departments, Schools, and Univerities. We are unable to provide credit to smaller private organisations.

    Sending An Official Purchase Order
    Where possible, please enter your order online, then generate an official purchase order (PO) to send to us for verification. This ensures pricing is correct on your PO and available stock can be validated. You may send you official PO by mail, fax, or email (

    If you are not a Government Department, School, or Univerity, please enter your order online. If your system requires an email address to send a copy of your internal PO, please use


  • Invoices

    Tax Invoices
    A Tax Invoice is available for printing when you Sign In to your account. We don't send invoices with any orders which is great for gifts.

    GST Registered
    Our ABN is GST Registered which allows us to issue VALID tax invoices.

    5 Year Account History
    For your convenience, your previous order details and invoices are stored for up to 5 years. Sign In to your account to view.


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  • We Appreciate Your Input

    We are here to serve YOU. We greatly appreciate any feedback to help us improve our service.

    Negative Feedback
    We try our best to provide you with rock bottom prices, fast delivery, and the best service, but we do acknowledge that things do not always go right 100% of the time. Please let us know if you are dissatisfied so we can improve in order to serve you better. Please be aware that the supply chain involved is very large and complex and we are not able to control the parts of it we may like to. We are also bound by restrictions imposed by manufacturers and distributors just like any busineses of this type.

    Website Errors & Corrections
    Please include a link to the page and as much information as posisble. Thank you in advance. Thank you.

    Not Heard Back From us?
    Please check you spam email folder, email us again, or use another contact method if you think your email may have been classified as spam. We may also update your order comments if we can not contact you, please check the order in your account on our website.
    We value our customers, and always reply to any communications received.


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